Hi, I’m Alison!

Welcome to Crafting the Good Life! I’m a busy teacher, wife, and mom of (almost) 2. I am married to the perfect man of 5 years and am obsessed with all things DIY!

My husband and I moved into our house 5 years ago and knew that there were things we wanted to change. We (aka him) are handy people and love ourselves a good project. I hope you enjoy our renovations - we won’t be doing too much until the babies get a bit older, but we’ve really enjoyed turning our house into a home <3

Once I had my daughter, I found myself getting very anxious if the house was a disaster, I felt like every minute I spent with cleaning or cooking, the less I got to spend with my family. My husband and I have always loved cooking together, but with the babies, it’s important we do it quickly but not sacrificing the quality of our food and taste :)

I also started thinking about the products that came into our home and started making natural products a priority. Since I am a major craft lover at heart... so, I focused on bringing products into my home that I could DIY for less money!

It’s important for my sanity to simplify my life, beginning with what’s in my home.

This blog is really geared towards anyone (mostly moms) with a DIY heart that wants to cook good food quick, DIY their home, products they use, and gifts for loved ones.