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Online Quiz Using Google Forms

I teach high school math and I follow the Flipped Classroom Model. What this means, is my students watch a YouTube video at home and take notes. This usually consists of any definitions and a few example problems that you may normally find traditional classrooms do in class. My students are expected to know that information when they come to class so they can participate in the day's activities.

Since notes are taking care of at home, they get to apply their knowledge with class time. Whether this be book work, worksheets, activities, or labs, Students work in groups and get to master all of the content with me there to guide them.

Tonight, I'm doing something for the first time. Every once and a while I will give them a POP quiz over the content in the notes. That takes about 5-10 minutes of class time and they don't always get immediate feedback.

I created a google form that represents 2 different questions that I expect them to know how to answer. My pop quizzes are usually 2 or 3 questions. After they take notes, they have to answer the 2 questions for a grade.

There is a great program, called Flubaroo, that grades the scores from your google spreadsheet. It's awesome! You create the form and go to the spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, you hit Insert --> Script. Then, just search for Flubaroo and install.

There is an option to Grade Assignment and Email Scores. I'm going to Grade the Assignment and Email the students their scores BEFORE they get to class! That way, they already know what they did correct or incorrect and we can spend time in class going over what they need.

One thing I would like is for the program to grade and email automatically when the student hit's submit. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Maybe I can convince my programming fiance to help me with that :)

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