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Crochet? I made a scarf today! - Infinity Scarf Pattern

Last weekend i went to a retreat center to have  relaxing day with my friend Mary from work. She is an AMAZING crocheter. After watching her do some orders, I was inspired! I decided I wanted to teach myself to crochet. I already know how to knit (basic things) and don't LOVE it because it takes forever for me to make things. Mary convinced me that crocheting is much faster so I thought I'd give it a try. (she was right about the quickness of it)

First I'd like to give a shout out to "Crochet Geek" on youtube. Whoever you are, your videos are amazing! She goes through every stitch and also shows them in slow motion which is extremely helpful. 
I made a scarf today and wanted to record the pattern I used just incase anyone wants to give it a try.
She also provides a link to a video which was very helpful. Its how she came up with her pattern. 
I did mine very slightly different and here is how (I underlined my changes):
  • 1.5 Skeins of Yarn – I used Red Heart Soft - Worsted Weight 
  • Crochet Hook – US I 9/5.50mm
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors`
Ch = chain, sl st = slip stitch, sc = single crochet, dc = double crochet (U.S.)
  1. Counting in 3′s, ch as many stitches as it takes to make a chain 60 - 65″ long (If you like our scarfs a little looser, i would go with 65"). This pattern calls for original chain to be any multiple of 3 so just count “1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3…” as you make the chain and make sure that your last chain lands on chain number 3.  Check that the chain hasn’t twisted and join to the first stitch with a sl st so that it now forms a ring.
  2. Round 2: dc in every chain until you’re completed the round and join to the first dc with a sl st.
  3. Round 3: ch 3 and then sc between the 3rd and 4th dc, ch 3 and then sc in between the 6th and 7th dc.  You want to keep repeating this pattern every 3 double crochets until you’ve completed the round. Join with a sl st.
  4. Round 4: dc 3 into the chain you made in the previous round and then dc 3 into the next chain and continue in this manner until you’ve completed the round.  Join with a sl st.
  5. Repeat the pattern from Round 3 & 4  seven times or until width is about 7 inches wide. 
  6. Bind off and weave in the ends.

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