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New House - Painting 101

New House - Painting 101

Ryan and I just moved into our very first home! It is so excited but also a bit overwhelming. We didn't think we'd have to paint every wall in the house, but it turns out that we do. We decided to paint ourselves which is a ton of work! It is something we can handle and we do save that much money to buy other things, like a new oven or a new couch!

Thankfully, all of the walls are white! We just finished the living room, dining room, entry way, and hallway. We did use 2 coats in each room to get a nice clean finish. We did not use a primer since the walls were already white.

Here are my tips on painting (I am no pro but I do think our rooms turned out nicely):

1. Tape well! We used frog tape on all of the trim and anywhere gravity is working against you. Since it is more expensive, we didn't use it everywhere. We used scotch blue tape on the ceilings and on the tops of doors and cabinets (since you can't see those). I would get a better model then their basic one we did, we had some bleeds. Taping is a long process and taping and painting in one day makes for a very long day. We tape one day and paint the next. Since we both have full time jobs - it makes the process more bearable. However, it does feel like we'll be painting for years.

2. Cloth tarps. We are using plastic tarps which work just fine - but spills are inevitable. Cleaning up off of the plastic tarps is not that easy. I would rather just let the paint dry on a cloth tarp.

3. Good Brushes! We are using wooster pro. They work very well along the trim, doors, and ceilings. They allow great lines so you don't have to rely too much on the tape. Trust me, this is not where you want to save money.

4. Small Roller. Any 4.5 inch size would do. After we went along the edges, we used the small roller to go over those spots close to the edges to create a smooth finish.

5. Smart Roller. Holy cow, this thing is amazing! You fill it with paint and you can pull the trigger to release more while you're painting. This eliminates the need to dip your roller every 5 seconds and controls some of the mess. It is a pain to clean though...

6. Choose your paint! We are using Behr Premium Ultra paint (it was top rated in consumer reports and it's the right price for us) Choose whatever you like best! They sell all of these wonderful tools at any of the large chains (Lowe's, Menards, Home Depot, Etc.)

7. Cauk. We haven't done this yet but that is our next step to make the trim look nice!

Here are some pictures:

Living/Dining Room: Behr - Pewter Mug

Bedroom - Behr - Anonymous

Entry way/ Hallway/ Kitchen - Behr - Burnished Clay

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