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What does it take to start losing weight - and keeping it off?

Well, the answer to that question is different for everyone, but I'm going to tell you what works for me!

I gained a lot of weight in college and had a hard time losing it once I graduated. I got engaged and the wedding was a huge motivator for me to lose weight! I used weight watchers for a few months and lost 30 lbs to get ready for the wedding. I felt great on that day. Weight Watchers was a great way for me to learn portion control. I was eating WAY too much and making way to many unhealthy choices.

After the wedding, I put on 10 lbs within the first 6 months and wasn't in a great emotional state. I tried weight watchers again, but I wasn't successful. What was missing for me? motivation.

Unfortunately, for me, for some reason, looking in the mirror wasn't enough to keep me motivated. I knew when I looked in the mirror I was unhappy with how I looked and that kept me in the vicious circle of eating while upset!

Then, I found P90x3 (a beachbody program) that looked like a great workout program I could see myself doing. I tried P90X years ago and was unsuccessful because of the lenght of the workouts. As a busy human being, P90x3 was appealing for the 30 minute intense workouts!

With P90x3, I had loads of support from other people wanting to better their lives and improve their health and that is really what helped me get through the program!

For me, the way to lose weight and keeping it off is motivation, nutrition, exercise, and support (in that order!).

Here are some photos to show you my transformation so far:

To date (I have 13 days left) I have lost 11 lbs and 11 total inches.

Day 1:                  Day 60: 
You can't be perfect (as long as pizza exists) - Tips for starting a new program

You can't be perfect (as long as pizza exists) - Tips for starting a new program

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