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How will you keep weight off during the summer?

The days of grilling, drinking beers, meeting up with friends, weddings, and parties are upon us in full swing and I'm remembering how hard it is to keep weight off during the summer!

Every year I try to get "summer ready" by working out and eating well in the spring. It wasn't until this year I got close to where I want to be. I mean, my ultimate goal is to look like Jillian Michaels so I still have some work to do. On a positive note, I am in the best shape I've been in since high school!

It is challenging to eat well and stay on track when you have an event every other day + the camp I work at is FULL of food and it's hard to resist! I love snacks, so I am thinking of ways I can keep the weight off/lose more this summer! The main idea is to have a plan.

1. Always get your workout in & plan when you will do it each day
      *Just because you eat a cheat meal or an extra snack at work does not mean it all has to go out the window! Get your daily workout in and you are already one step ahead of the game! I love my new Insanity Max:30 workout program because I know exactly what workouts I need to do everyday. It keeps me on schedule and much more motivated to workout!

2. Bring your own healthy options
     * If you bring lunch/snacks, you will likely be less tempted to snack on things that are at work. This won't work for a wedding, but if you are going to a party, maybe offer to bring some healthy appetizers or snacks! At work, I limit so many temptations when I bring enough food to keep me satisfied!

3. Plan your meals
     *I always eat better when I have a plan. My husband and I create a dinner menu for the week and stick to it! We always eat worse or go out to eat when we don't have anything planned to cook. This goes for lunch and snacks too! Plan your meals and then go grocery shopping! Knowing you have dinner plans on Friday night, you can create healthy meals the rest of the week.

4. Remember, you're not going to be perfect. Will you allow your self one cheat day per week? 2 per month? Just know - your cheat day cannot become a cheat week. 
   *I will say that if you are just starting your journey, it's been best for me to limit cheat meals/days in the beginning. You may limit your self to one cheat meal every 2 weeks, or one for the month, but until you are confident that you will get back on track, it may help to completely cut the temptations of alcohol, fried food, etc. for the first few weeks.

5. Find a support group
   * it is so hard to stay on track when no one is holding you accountable. The best thing that happened to me when I started p90x3 was that I joined a "challenge group" on Facebook and we hold each other accountable just by posting how our day was, if we eat well, or if we workout. It's amazing what a group of people can accomplish together.  Finding a support group is truly key to losing weight/keeping it off. It's also worked for me to find people I work with and see everyday to join forces in healthy eating and exercising!

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