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BUZZWORD - What is "Clean Eating"?

As a high school teacher, I live in a world of buzzwords. In education, it's always the "next big thing" but it usually isn't much of a fundamental change in how we teach, rather someone somewhere has just come up with a new word for it! When I first started hearing "eat clean" all over the place, I thought to myself, yay another buzzword....

I first started my weight loss journey using weight watchers. WW is a great program that truly helped me learn to manage my portions. My one realization was that I couldn't maintain that as my lifestyle. I lost 30 lbs on WW before my wedding (so no hate on WW AT ALL!) But my mentality changed and went to the "be on weight watchers on my own without paying for it" method. It didn't work. I gained about 10 lbs back, wasn't successful after trying it again, and I've done a ton of research and educated myself to try and figure out the best plan of action was going to be.

THAT'S WHEN I KEPT SEEING Clean Eating posts all over facebook and instagram.

Clean Eating is more of a lifestyle than a diet. That's why I'm into it right now. Here is a good summary I found on bing...


So now that I've gotten on the Beach body workouts, these are the types of lifestyles/meal plans their nutritionists provide. I don't like to say DIET because DIETS don't stick and don't last (hence my experience with WW). However, I'm hopeful in my new efforts to eat whole foods and less processed goods! I can't buy all organic or grass-fed things because it is just too expensive for me right now, but I'm going to give every effort

I'm starting the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout schedule TOMORROW so I'll keep you all posted on how that goes and some of the clean yummy recipes I make!

Get Fit Tip Tuesday: DRINK MORE WATER (read for some tips how)!!

Get Fit Tip Tuesday: DRINK MORE WATER (read for some tips how)!!

How will you keep weight off during the summer?