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DIY Laundry Room Renovation - Phase 1

DIY Laundry Room Renovation - Phase 1

This project took us about a year to finish. We did everything ourselves and took our time with it because it was a ton of work! I hope you enjoy!


So, the laundry room/mudroom when we moved was probably the ugliest room I've ever seen. The floors were like yellow nasty vinyl and the walls were white. Also, we put up those shelves when we moved in - so there was zero storage! There was a closet, but we didn't really use it much, we had hooks on the wall where we hung our jackets. 


Phase 1: Demo, Flooring & Cabinets

Our goal was to rip out the closet (we're going to put a bench and cubbies there eventually in like phase 200), rip up the floor, put down the new floor, and install the cabinets.

Taking out the closet was quite the experience (Pic 1). It was harder than I thought, plus, we (my husband) had to drywall and he did such an amazing job. (Pic 2)  It is just sooo much work!

Then, we ended up ripping up one layer of the subfloor (plywood) because the glue of the vinyl was suuuuper annoying (Pic 1). So we had to rent a truck from home depot to bring home some plywood and lay it on the floor and secure it. (Pic 2)


The third step in phase one was to fix our washing machine drain. It previously drained into the utility sink (which was fine - and smelly sometimes) so we needed to make it drain right into the pipe in the wall. Well, turns out, you can't put pipes in the wall adjacent to the garage, so the plumber did a great job in putting them outside the wall. That only complicated things a little bit while installing the vanity (Pic 2). 

Step 4: Install the flooring. We used groutable vinyl tile from lowes and it turned out really nice! I chose the vinyl due because its a HIGH traffic area, super easy to install, and I know it will stand up to the traffic. I also didn't find any ceramic or porcelain tile that I liked. 

It was easy to install, we used 1/8" spacers and used a grey grout that the tile was pictured with at the store. 


At this point I felt so so happy that the floor was in. We were walking through the plywood for a good 6 weeks! 

Step 5: The cabinets were the last piece of the phase. We chose to buy Ready to Assemble cabinets that I am actually extremely pleased with. The quality is fantastic and they were delivered in about 2 weeks. There are so many different pieces and sizes that they are pretty darn customize-able. Our plumbing issue made the assembly a tad bit more complicated, but we managed :) We got the hardware from lowes and got the uppers and vanity assembled and installed in two days.

Pro Tip: hang a 2x4 on the wall so your upper cabinets can rest on them, then screw in the cabinets to the wall. This was such a life saver!!

The last step in "phase 1" was our vanity. Putting in a counter top and sink is part of phase 2. Because of our interesting plumbing situation, it was a very interesting experience getting the cabinet to fit. We had to cut out pieces and make sure that we could slide in the vanity. Again, it helps the hubby is an engineering magician and I'm a math teacher. Although, he did 95% of the work :)


Phase 1 Complete

So phase 1 started on January 7th and was completed on April 2nd. That is almost 3 months! We anticipate phase 2 taking hopefully about 2 months and phase 3 who knows.

Here is our final before and after for this phase :) :) I'm so happy about how it turned out!!

Phase 2: Pantry, Countertops, and Backsplash

When we finished phase 2, it felt like we were basically done. We were not, but it was usable and pretty :) This was a moderate phase and it took quite a bit of time. I don't have too many pictures because Ryan did the majority of the work 


We had to shave off about a half inch off the top of each piece because it was too tall (we kind of knew this when we ordered it, but had our fingers crossed that it would work) This way, it was flush with the ceiling instead of having to buy the next size down which we wouldn't have liked. It wasn't that bad, but obviously would be better if you could order one the perfect size! We did ready to assemble cabinets, so they have a lot of choices, but not fully custom. 

Counter top frame

My husband built a frame to go around the washer and dryer so we could mount the counter tops. He used 2x4s and jointed them using our Kreg K5 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you plan to do any wood building projects!!)


We ordered a Blanco silgranit sink online (not sure where - husband ordered it) and it took about 8 weeks to come in. That was the major hold up for this phase! We also bought a faucet from Lowe's, it's a fancy one with a motion sensor so you don't have to touch the faucet to turn it on! 

Counter tops

We got the counter tops from a local store in our town. We went with Quartz and I absolutely love it. It has a pretty silver sparkle to it and I think it looks great with the grey walls. Once the counter tops were installed, we used some of the plywood with the same white finish (that we ordered with the cabinets) as the cabinet to border so you couldn't see the wood. My husband used wood glue and clamps to get the pieces to dry. He also had to caulk to fill in any gaps.  We still have to paint the edges, but that will be part of the final phase.

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