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DIY Craft Table

DIY Craft Table

DIY this easy craft table made from bookshelves and wood. It will fit all of your crafting and organization needs with a cutting mat glued to the top! It can fit in smaller spaces for your perfect craft corner or in a larger space if you have an entire craft room.

Easy DIY Craft Table

 I'm so fortunate to have a room in my house dedicated to crafts :) I am also lucky to have a husband who can help me create the things I need to store all of my stuff! I obviously needed a table to I could do all the crafts! It was also something I needed to cut fabric, so I did use a cutting mat on the top. It turned out perfect!

Suppplies Needed for your DIY Craft Table

1. 3-shelf Bookcase

These bookcases are available on amazon, target, walmart, and I'm sure even more places! They'r easy to assemble and perfect sides for the table. The 3 shelves make for a ton of storage space. Get some matching bins and you have yourself some cute decor!

2. Cutting Mat

This Cutting Mat was essential for my craft space. I do a lot of crafting but I also cut a lot of fabric. It was important to me that I had a space where I could stand and cut what I needed. It just gives you flexibility on what you can use this table for!

3. Metal Joining Brackets

The top is made from two pieces of wood, so you have to connect them some how. I used 3 of these Metal Joining Brackets on the bottom of the wood to secure it together.

4. Jig Saw

The Jig Saw is needed to trim the cutting matt. Unfortunately, it was impossible to find supplies that the dimensions worked out perfectly. So, we ended up trimming about one inch off of the cutting mat. It's still plenty big!

5. Kreg Jig K5

The Kreg Jigis literally the best DIY tool that we have. We obviously do a lot of DIY projects around the house, but even if you're just planning to do a few, this is the tool you need. It makes it so easy to join wood pieces together and makes your items look more professionally done. It's easy to use and we use it ALL THE TIME!

6. Wood

We used two pieces of pine and cut them to the desired length of your table. We then used 1x2 pieces that went on the inside of each shelf and around the outside. (4 pieces total). This created a frame for the top so we knew it would be secure. We didn't secure it just in case we needed to take it apart to move it anywhere, but the frame made it sturdy and functional!

7. White Paint

You could paint whatever color you wish, but I used white so it would match the bookcases. I only paainted the sides that were visible to the eye!


  1. Assemble the book cases and measure the exact width.

  2. It's important you know the width so you can build the top around the shelves. We cut the wood pieces so they would fit just around the two bookshelves.

  3. We secured the two pieces of wood with the metal brackets and then used the kreg jig to secure the 1x2 pieces that go around the bookshelves! Unfortunately, the size of the wood pieces will vary depending on what bookshelves you buy. As always, measure twice and cut once :)

  4. We glued the cutting mat on the top and then had to use the jig saw to cut one edge, it was too wide. The table ends up being about 46 in (the whole length of the cutting mat) by about 31 inches. 

Easy DIY Craft Table

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