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Week 1 & 2 Diet: Grade = D+

Week 1 & 2 Diet: Grade = D+

I began my diet change in 2018 and if I had to get a grade for it, week one was about a D+. And you know what, I don’t even really care. At least I didn’t get an F! Also, I managed to lose 3 lbs which is pretty cool :)

I only worked out once…because I was sore the rest of the week LOL and then I got sick. We went out to eat a few times and, spoiler....I didn't get a salad....

I did a “juice cleanse” with my husband for the first 3 days! We wanted to do the cleanse so we could kind of reset our systems and help our bodies function a bit more efficiently after the months and months of abuse with sugar! Ryan did a really good job! In addition to drinking all the juice, I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m breastfeeding, so I had to make sure I also ate some real food too! We based our cleanse of this one I found on Pinterest

Ryan and I both made modifications, but the idea was:

7 am juice

10 am juice

12:30 pm juice

3:00 pm Juice

Dinner (Night 1: Stir Fry, Night 2: Pork Chops and Broccoli, Night 3: was supposed to be chicken but we went out and ate nachos and burgers – oops)

We stuck with protein and veggies for dinner!

I also ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I had 2 eggs and an English muffin for breakfast and leftovers for lunch, and the dinners above.

I did well with water and sleep (thankfully my kid is all about it!) so that’s a plus! Working out, stretching, and meditation didn't go so well. 

Week 2: this was our meal plan. I didn't record it in my planner though... We ate pretty well and had leftovers for our lunches. (I know I need a new dry erase board...leave me alone)



My motto for the next few weeks is to do just a little bit better than the previous week.

I’m not looking to lose weight overnight and I’m not looking to stress out completely over this journey. I’m trying to get myself to a better place and I know it will take some time. I’m going to continue these next few weeks with:

No Fast Food

No Dessert

Meal Plan

Workout 2-3x each week

Track water intake, meditation, sleep, nutrition, workouts, and stretching in my planner!

Overall, I didn't do that great, but I didn't do that terrible either. We will keep moving forward and trying to get to a consistent spot where we are making more healthy choices overall!

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