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The Best Montery & San Francisco Baby Moon Trip | Complete Guide and Detailed 5-Day Itinerary

The Best Montery & San Francisco Baby Moon Trip | Complete Guide and Detailed 5-Day Itinerary

This detailed San Francisco Bay Area Baby Moon Guide will help you get started planning your perfect get away before your baby arrives. This guide is a 5-day itinerary for San Francisco, California to Monterrey and back with stops in Half-Moon Bay and San Jose. If you’re looking for one of the best baby moon destinations in the US, this trip should be at the top! This was such a fun baby moon trip that I truly would (and probably will) take the exact same trip over again. It has the perfect amount of city time and hiking time a long with some of the prettiest views I’ve ever seen. If you’re thinking about taking your baby moon trip to the San Francisco Bay Area, start here. Read more about everything we did in our 5 days!

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We had the best baby moon trip in Monterey/San Francisco. We spent 5 days on our trip! 4 full days and an extra ½ day spent in SF before we left. It was perfect, beautiful, and just the right trip for me at 20 weeks pregnant! There was a lot of hiking and walking around but nothing to intense. Luckily, I have family who have traveled to San Fran multiple times, they warned me that it is quite cold (especially in June!) It was even cooler than I anticipated ...but it turned out okay because...well...pregnant :) We flew into San Francisco and arrived pretty late. We grabbed dinner at the hotel bar and were asleep around 1030.

Tips for the Perfect Bay Area Baby Moon

First tip: If you plan on driving the California Coast...you should start at the north end and drive south. It’s easier to stop and see the views that way!

Second tip: Use Sygic Travel to plan out your trip. It is a great site that allows you to put in different locations for different days and estimates how long you will spend at each location and the distance between locations. It can help you group spots that are close together! I also used it for our Italy Trip and was so happy with it!

Third tip: RENT A CONVERTIBLE! (If you're without kids of course...) We rented a corvette which is a little extra, but we had a ton of fun with it :)



  • Seven Gables Inn - Monterey

  • Oceano Resort - Half Moon Bay

  • Inn at Union Square - San Francisco


  • Rocky Point Restaurant

  • Inn at Spanish Bay

  • Half Moon Brewing Company

  • Tree House Cafe

  • Hogs Breath Inn

  • Lou Lou's Griddle (If you do nothing but drive through, eat here plz!!!)

State Parks/Hiking

  • Point Lobos State Reserve

  • Ano Nuevo State Park

  • Henry Cowell Redwoods

  • Asilomar State Beach

  • Big Basin State Beach

  • Random Stops along Highway 1 that looked pretty


  • 17-Mile-Drive

  • Monterey Aquarium

  • Fisherman's Warf in Monterey

  • Pier 39

  • Golden Gate Bridge: Marin Highlands & Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point (for the best views!)

  • Little Italy

  • Spark Social

  • AT&T Park (we didn't go inside, but if you like baseball, you absolutely should!)

  • Twin Peaks

  • Alcatraz (we didn't go, but you probably should!)

Keep reading on if you want the details on what we did each day with some pics :)

The Best Montery & San Francisco Baby Moon Trip | Complete Guide and Detailed 5-Day Itinerary

Our first day:

We got an early start so we could rent our car first thing in the morning without a long wait. We left San Francisco around 8 am and arrived in Monterey around 10. Driving down the coast was fantastic. We stopped at a bunch of random spots, but specifically we stopped at Asilomar St. Beach and drove the 17-mile-drive.

Along the 17-mile-drive, we ate lunch at the Inn at Spanish Bay. The food was decent and the view was fantastic! Ryan was swooning over the golf course…We also stopped at Bird Rock and checked out the Lone Cyprus.

We arrived in Carmel around 2 pm and walked around downtown. We went to the beach for about an hour before we ate dinner at the Treehouse Café. Cute little café with good food! We stayed at the adorable Seven Gables Inn. It’s expensive, but the location was absolutely perfect. It’s a charming little inn and I loved it! It wasn’t quite Ryan’s style…but we didn’t spend much time there...so he dealt with it! We checked in around 7 pm and walked around Lover’s Point, ate ice cream, and enjoyed the evening together.

Our Second Day:

We drove south to grab breakfast at First Awakening around 7:30 am. It was delicious! Our intention for that morning was to go checkout the Point Sur Light House…We stopped several times along the beach on our way south. Once we got there around 9:15, we realized you needed a guided tour…oops! That’s okay though, we enjoyed the drive anyway!

We couldn’t go further south because Big Sur was closed. There was major bridge damage due to the landslides,  If we didn’t have that challenge, we would have gone an extra day to make Big Sur happen.

We turned around and headed up north to walk around Point Lobos State Reserve. We were there for about two hours. This was by far my favorite part of the trip. It is absolutely beautiful!

The second best views were at our lunch at Rocky Point Restaurant. We sat outside (it was kind of cold) and enjoyed our meal looking into the ocean.

We had extra time so we decided to check out the Monterey Aquarium. We parked in a parking garage for $10 and spent 2 hours walking around. The Jelly exhibit was awesome!!

 We walked around Monterey and ended up at Mandos Restaurant for a quesadilla appetizer before we had dinner at Hogs Inn at 7 pm in Carmel. We had a lovely ice cream dessert at Carmel Bakery.

Once again, we ended the night walking around Lovers point <3

Our Third Day:

We checked out of Seven Gables Inn and stopped at the Fisherman’s Warf on our way to Half Moon Bay. I had the best breakfast I have ever had! Lou Lou's griddle had the most amazing omlette and I can’t recommend it enough! It’s a small little diner that you HAVE to visit if you go there. It was cold and foggy, so we only walked around for like 5 minutes before we started are drive back north on our way to Half Moon Bay. 


It was important to me that we saw some redwoods while we were on our trip. We walked around Henry Cowell Redwoods for about an hour and half. It was quite and serene. There is something so special about these redwoods in California. Thinking about how old they really are and how much history those forests have was quite moving.


 Next Stop: Santa Cruz. We got there around 12:15 and walked around. I thought Santa Cruz was so fun. It’s like everything you ever think about “California” being in once little spot. We enjoyed our walk, saw lots of sea lions, and had lunch at Woodies.

We kept driving north and randomly stopped to watch some kite surfing at Big Basin Beach and stopped at Ano Nuevo State Park. Once we got to Half Moon Bay, we stayed at the Oceano Resort. It was a beautiful little town and looking back kind of wish we were there a little longer! We ate dinner at Half Moon Brewing Company (ugh wish I could have had some beer) and Dessert at Mezza Luna.

Our Fourth Day:

We ate Breakfast at the 3-zero café and hit the road to San Francisco! We drove right to the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was very foggy, so we kept driving to Sausalito and had some coffee at Cibo and walked around for a half hour. We were hoping the fog would clear up, but it didn’t…so we drove around to some sites! We drove down Lombard Street, saw the painted ladies, and enjoyed the scenic & hilly SF before checking into our hotel. We stayed at the Inn at Union Square. I liked the location of where we stayed! Again, we didn't spend any time there.

We obviously had to take the cable car, so we wait an hour for it. However, I suggest walking a few blocks and then getting on! They stop along the way. However, SF is super hilly and my pregnant self didn’t feel like walking … Got off at Powell and clay and walked down Stockton through China Town. Turned down Broadway to Columbus. Strolled down to little Italy and had a delicious lunch at cafe greco. We went to Italy in 2016, little Italy honestly looked just like we were back there! We had amazing fudge from Z cioccolato!

We headed to Pier 39 and the Fisherman's Warf. There are some cute shops and places to look over the water. If we had an extra day, I would have definitely gone to Alcatraz! But we decided that we would come back sometime and do it then 😊 We walked over to Hyde St pier near the cable car line and waited another hour to get on. 

 My friend lives in San Francisco so we met up with her for dinner. We went to Spark Social where they have these awesome food trucks! We ate at the Koja Truck and it was phenomenal.  Spark social was right by AT&T Park, so we walked around. Unfortunately, the Giants were away that weekend, but it was such a great stadium. We will definitely go to a game next time we visit!

Our Fifth Day:

We had an afternoon flight, so we didn’t have much time on this day, but it was clear so we headed back to see the Golden Gate Bridge. The best views are past the bridge, so we drove over the bridge and went to  see it at Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point and then went a little further to Marin Headlands. On our way to the airport we stopped at Twin Peaks Summit for one of the best views of the city!

 Oh my gosh, if you read all that...I freaking love you! I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you been to SF? Monterey? Other places in the area? I'd love to hear about your favorite parts!!!!

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The Best Montery & San Francisco Baby Moon Trip | Complete Guide and Detailed 5-Day Itinerary
The Best Montery & San Francisco Baby Moon Trip | Complete Guide and Detailed 5-Day Itinerary
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