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Two Under Two: How to Prepare for Second Baby | What to do and What to buy the Minimalist Way

Pregnancy with a Toddler at home is a tough go. It’s even more challenging to plan for what needs to get done before baby #2 arrives. If you are looking for a list of what you can do to prepare for your second baby, please keep reading! Having two under two will be chaotic, but we can prepare together to help alleviate some of the stress and figure out the 2 under 2 must haves to get started.

What you Really Need for a Newborn | A Practical List and Minimalist Guide of Newborn Necessities for your Perfect Baby Registry

This Practical Newborn Registry List is a no-frills list of what is truly necessary for a Newborn. It should help you build your perfect registry! As a minimalist wannabe, I’ve come up with the perfect practical list of things you need for your baby registry and things you will ACTUALLY use once they are born! It can be difficult to predict which newborn necessities are actually necessities, but I hope this list finds you well and helps guide you in the right direction. This post is from my very real baby experience and I promise it will help you build your Amazon (or other) Baby Registry!